Monday, May 9, 2011

The Chronicles of Yale-Yule and the Bulldog Full of Bullshit

  Every time I walk along the streets of Rivence Haven Dale or Haven or Ol' Haven or for the lame lamen New Haven, however you want to pronounce it, Yule students make some hideous ugly grotesque gesture in an attempt to pass on something ugly to the passerby and then they go back to their dorm rooms and I am assuming they become beautiful little butterflies.  Who knows or cares.  What they fail to realize however is that hideousness does pass through them as well.  I guess this is how the misers protect their class, put up walls, store it up like a rotten bloated griffin waiting to have a nasty abortion.  I call it junking.  Most if not all Yule students are junkers.  If they were not before they arrived they are sure to be when they leave.  That is how the class system works in this country. 
They think they are cute.  I respect the working men who walk down the streets and repair the dilapidated crumbling buildings to a certain extent because they don't pretend to be cute.  The junked out bulldog is full of bullshit as far as I am concerned.  He shits bullshit out of his mouth and sniffs it all day long when he parades down the streets around the gothic dread spires.  Normal people walk not ten feet from these spires.  Is that believable?  Why yes, it is a reality.  That is America for you, they do not know how to create a fortress that gives and gives and gives.  They must walk the street like petty fascists and junk their way to freedom so to speak looking hideous doing so. 
I also happened upon graduation ceremony one spring not too long ago.  There was one college with foam red axes and as they entered the graduation ceremony they chanted only one word over and over again, "War!"  I was confused.  What were they talking about?  I am sure the whole college convened beforehand and did some petty little rally and aroused their red axes off beforehand.  The thing is their adversaries had no idea what type of war they were trying to wage, me included.  I mean as Napoleon said, "clarity! clarity! clarity!"  I mean they could have easily have rallied against poor innocent little townsfolk like myself and yelled, "Junk the dust mights to hell!"  But they are too yellow for an open class war of this type because they have to be cute and silent and make hideous little faces at all the passers by who aren't enough of something - this is a democracy no? - and make sure the worker bees on their dread spires continue to do the work.  So they had to meet privately and could only chant "War!" which nobody understood.  Just the solid pointless bullshit emitted by flaxen ivy these days one guesses.

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