Monday, May 2, 2011

Criss Angel-Mind Freak FBI Investigative Report

 Criss Angel, or The Mind Freak that needs to mind, was seized by FBI agents recently.  The investigative team armed with a search warrant for search and seizure entered Mr. Angel Freak's apart-ment, studio, and storage facilities to search and seize all equipment, paperwork, and "magic" paraphernalia to determine exactly what sort of devices and technology were used during each and everyone one of Criss's magic spectacles.  This was an exhaustive process as every "trick" was thoroughly evaluated by attending physicist, nuero-scientist, biologists who were directed by the National Science Foundation.  The results of the scientific evaluation will not be released to the public at this current time as they are still being evaluated by the scientific community whose report will be filed, sent to, and evaluated by FBI headquarters before any further action and government control will be instated.
The FBI did however make an initial public disclosure expressing the fact that the general mood after the search and seizure, as "contraband" equipment was confiscated, was shock and surprise primarily due to the fact that the general populace gleaned only entertainment, or rather, was hypnotized to zombie land like a moth transfixed by a light shining in the dark aimlessly fluttering around in rabid confusion and lack of consciousness and did not have the assertiveness to logically, rationally, scientifically analyze what was occurring.  One particular trick stunt in general was strictly scrutinized.  The trick stunt involved Criss Angel floating atop the Blue Lit Pyramid of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, located in the USA.  One detail released by the FBI concerning this incident was that there was no apparatus aid found in the Angel studios.  Thus the roots for the investigation were solidified and Criss Angel was quarantined and charged with disturbance of the public psyche.  The NSF in accordance with the FBI promised further revealment concerning this case.  May Janus be with U.

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