Monday, May 2, 2011

Dark Starrs Searching Seeking Heating Other Dark Stars

 The Dark Star of the Anti-Fascists Grid or Machine Chemical Breathing Urstaat Core
Western Civilization's Anti-Fascists Thrust: Spinoza-Nietzsche-Emerson/Thoreau-Foucault-Deleuze
Fuchsia Core Midguard Tranquility Stillness
Guardians-Silent Dark Echelon
BRISINGS: Death Threat Remnants And The Dead Minotaur (G.O.D)
Dead Minotaurs Remnant Forces Face Off with Dark Star Grid
G.O.D. - WHO - Oppositional "US" Forces
(???) Cloaked Rebel-Rogue - WHO is WHO (???)
The Ultimate Question

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