Monday, May 16, 2011

Hard Wired Matrix Software - Unpleasant Chemical Hardware Reactions - Cancers of Western Civilization

 How does the nurturing effect or the development of the hard wired matrix software installed by the cancers of western civilization affect inflict cause unpleasant chemical hardware reactions? And how can one change, reload, transcend this cocktail of depressed slave pessimism of petty fascism and avoid wallowing in the mire?  Every event of our life from the smallest drop of a needle into a haystack to the threat of a Betelgeuse Supernova which resides not too far from earth in the dreamy blue icy star embrace of the Pleiades, which could potentially be blown to smithereens from the Mega-Super Red Giants implosion, registers somewhere in the universe, is counted; the all seeing eye sees all or most, which, does not mean that trith or truth is catered to and patronized with ultimate clarity every nanosecond onward unto infinity like the foolish abrasive idealism of some antiquated commandeering.  Lies are necessary or trith would not exist.  A world without the concept of trith because lies ceased to exist would be one that has overcome a cancer of western civilization, the seed that planted the ten commandeerings and there would be no stigma behind the concepts of truth and lie etched in a hideous black and white light dappled opposition.  Shadow is light and light shadow as Emerson wrote in his poem Brahma.
And when all these life experiences register by affecting neurons with light entering the optical nerve, monkey senses photonically-unconsciously monkey hard wire matrix programmed be, is often the refrain sung for uneducated unthinking individuals who usually actually see nothing but are unconsciously programmed or matrix hard wire softwared by their life experiences.  Intuition and experience lead me to believe that not even the optical nerve must of necessity be involved but rather simply a living mind which is affected by the mega-grand pulses-bandwidths of the herd-tribe-crowd which is quantum mechanical interconnectedness of every other human, animal, plant, etc, or machines, on earth and perhaps in the universe (although extraterrestrial presences are further away and thus a reduced ether signature in the Brahma Programmatic herd-tribe-crowd consciousness - very likely extraterrestrial technology allows an alien civilization to cloak or erase their ether signatures in our minds).
One poignant example of cancer ridden hard wired matrix software I encountered and the short sightedness of science explaining unpleasant chemical hardware reactions occurred while listening to the popular radio show Love Line one night a while back starring Dr. Drew and Mr. Adam Corolla.  A listener called in and complained that literally every post-coitus chemical hardware reaction involved entailed overwhelming depression and negativity lasting for an hour or so or what Chuck Palahniuk mentioned somewhere in the intro or end notes of his book, Fight Club, gleaned from the French term or concept: la petite mort or little death - which is a much healthier concept as far as I am concerned, but, still perhaps denotes taintedness in this deeply overly etched rut, and is simply the mild-cancer escaping-healing in sight at the good end of the spectrum.
 Dr. Drew went on to explain to this kid, in sexual and unpleasant chemical hardware reaction turmoil, that that was the bodies standard operating procedure post-terminus-coitus.  I see this as the short sightedness of contemporary science.  Yes, very reasonably, people here in America do generally experience this effect to the extent that it sways scientific data, but, why?  And certainly I do not believe people living during the Renaissance or the Pre-christian Pax Romana or even those people worshiping Brahma or Atma in Hindi Temples in the 11th and 12th centuries adorned with fornicating statues had these same depressing negative unpleasant chemical hardware reactions.  What I believe to be at the root of this is the poisoning of the mind with Catholic Churnch whole-lie-oye-ill herd-tribe-crowd ether bandwidth that spreads and perpetuates as long as bodies or carries of this type-brend of divine spirit live - or so the Romans believed and failed at their extermination and control tasks.  The Pope Concept is the symbolic figurehead of this movement - and this symbolic figurehead must be mentioned here as the symbolic root of this young mans turmoils or term-oye-ills.  The Jewish concept of The Fall and endless guilt untoward infinity is also invoked here as a dustified antiquated living-dead petrified filth root.  Thus the two cancers of western civilization are unconsciously still determining this young mans mind or hard wired matrix software and causing unpleasant chemical hardware reactions due to the stock hard wired matrix software he has developed by existing so far within the Western World.
 Don Juan

There also exists a drive in America for those with enough leisure and money to "get high" on something and in most cases this turns out to be drugs.  There are two purposes for drugs.  The most common is to numb the numbness with absolute oblivion or numbness in order to be transported to a nothing frame of mind which is really a search for another world but most people simply hit a barrier and do not realize this and find peace in this form of nihilism which is taking a vacation to nowhere and nothing.  The other type of high is a breakthrough or a perspective building adventure much like that spoken of in the literature of Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan.  But again, what is the point when writers like Albert Camus write about the incongruity of poignant epiphanies-insights and the salient ubiquitous nauseatingly consistent pulse of human civilization whose immutable overlords be the cancers of Western Civilization.  Drug addicts, of the Castaneda type-brend, have different configurations-orbits around this internal summer sun of epiphany and thus different orbits-configurations or frequencies-periods of earthly fascism-nihilism exposure.
 Thus in both cases at least from my experience nihilism reigns on earth; regrettably in the second case, which is the basking in the "eternal summer within" that Camus wrote about.  Eternal summer sun smiles within are not swallowed nor dissipated by nihilism - that spiritual solar presence will never be swallowed by nihilism - but, protects from the nihilist provocateur that be petty fascism and accompanying cancerous ills, and, at times, shocks a sun bather into suicidal nihilism when for a few moments, clouds abrasive shocking clouds, float in front of the sun casting a death wish of a shadow, and frequently ends in unfortunate but necessary suicidal death.  The  anti-pope-cancer push of Western Civilization is a well established  underground Urstaat, a fresh virgin sun waiting to be skied-born, buried somewhere in the core of the earth in a process of gestation.  The only question remaining today:  will this fresh virgin sun star be an abortion strangled to death by the cancerous capitalistic market and its machines and abortivicating monkeys and their bad chemical hardware reactions?

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