Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Homosexualization Pride of the Cunt-tree: Annals Log

 Breaking News: Mad homosexual male malebian pride was displayed on Capitol Hill today where three maned lions, ostensibly male, were praised by male homosexuals.  They were not pleased however by the title Capitol "Hill" because it was a homosexual male malebian march.  They claimed it should have been Capitol Pitched Tent or Capitol Butt Cheek.  "It is a tradition" the male malebian gay homosexual head speaker went on to say pridely, "that all protection totems dickums adorning the entry ways to reside-ences in thee Coontree are log-istically two gay male malebian homosexual maned male lions."  During the uproar and mad gayous homosexual male malebian pride march rally euphoria realization ceremony some homosexual lesbians approached with three statues of female lesbian lionesses and demanded that one or more of the male lions be taken down and a female lesbian homosexual lionesses be erected.  Agreement was unanimous...for a moment...
 The two groups then realized that if that was done they might accidentally give the wrong impression that the gay homosexual maned lion and the un-shaved gay homosexual un-maned lioness might be heterosexual.  So the compromise was off.  And the homosexual lesbians marched on-off to find another staircase to mount their proud pride statues which was no longer a traditional pride but nevertheless proud and proprietessica.  A miffed effete of a politician with a roll of fresher than fresh red tape came down the stair case and staired stared with a jaw on the ground at the behest of one discerning Michael Moore, who stepped on the jaw with an iron boot accidentally-intentionally, and agreed to consider tearing down a male lion  mount and erecting a female lioness and promised to bring the request before Pre-sident O-bam-ma-ha in the next 50 years...or so...  Until then, The Capitol Over the Hump Hill will have to contend with the newly planned tri-monthly homosexual pride rallies at the homosexual lion statues and some spiked male lions.

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