Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Honest Poetic-Try-sing

Dedicated to reflection with the solitary company of honesty...

Crouched at the grave of Alexander aware
Of the great Roman who shed tears upon compare
Touched by greatness, then to myself did stare
A minor intrigue memory did bear
Up, up, the storm of human essence roared
Drowned in the ages, no longer I soared
Failure, desolation without consolation
Nightmare flame flickering enshrined on woeful crag
Romantic vision from utter isolation
Bear no fruit do I, as heart is bent to sag
Mistake me not, I do not come here to confess my sol
The honesty of solitary company Night Wind striking
My tender ears crushed by what celestial heights dole
But why show yourself to me such, honesty, frankness candor spiking
And then in the light of day make such an ass of honesty

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