Sunday, May 1, 2011

Intergalactic Tech Races or What is the point?

 Today as I watched a commercial advertising a new Windows sponsored hardware personal computing device product, I noticed the commercial ended on an awkward note; something like "A good great grand new electronics module device...maybe".  Have we lost confidence in or tech or...rather...are we acknowledging the inferiority of the human-terran presence essence soul in the face of alien technology manifestic incipient UFO's, grey aliens, abductions etc.
 In other words if aliens are able to traverse the great distances of space between stars and find us here sun-sol bound in our little corner of existence and they have potentially millions of years head start what is the point of even trying attempting to study the stars.  Immediate redundancy antiquation futility slam our beings back into the dust unless we just like to buy shit at the store and drive stupid metal boxes on wheels on the trifrictulated planet dumbfounded by the nihilism that this realization brings to us.  Everyone loves a wolf at the zoo.  Realizing that we are destined for nothing more than this and believing in our little cartoon gods that we are destined to go to heaven or are even living in Eden might be in order as we begin to pity ourselves in the fascist globalized machine.  Ignoring the alien UFO presence is a world in denial of its uselessness dejection depression worthlessness.  Currently there is no scientific evidence that we are anything but that. Personally I am not disposed to be made a zoo animal in this way.  Strike me down if this is the case.

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