Thursday, May 19, 2011

Skoll and The Androgneous Fem-Nail Question-Crisis

 No-body likes Trick Tink or Tinkering-ugly-bell sounds or Tinkerbell these days.  Peter Pan has been incarnated by the Forest Enchanter Mytho-F(r)igg toxic gas mask wearing poison petrified decay twig bearing Pan who was notoriously-infamously was rejected by forest Dry-add Nymphettes- literally : in real 3-d life, off the Big Hollywood Screen. Never Never land is no erotic fantasy these days, and, never never was because Disney is criminal in that way.  Fairies, sprites, pixies and especially nymphs created "the [Dostoevsky] women question" in the minds of man and sometime near the turbid murky questionable ends of civilization, as earthen-bad-evil-man-fem-kind knows it, and fell stepped-marched launched away from their dutiful roles as shadow-light straddling-walking earthen creatures and went on strike to control and invade the mind-Apollonian sun world of men - the mega over glaring world of light and truth - The straight forward Apollonian Sunlight lit World ---> lime light down. 

Apollo and The Sun were alarmed, and so were men, because after the suicidal death of Adolf Hitler, no solid man above the traditional power consciousness barrier surface of the sea, or in the power glow of the sun, remained on earth, and, consequently, the soul of man fled to the dark side of the moon to evade the searing seething focused-berserk rays of sympathy emitted by the newly born virgin female sun star.  The dark side of the moon is the last and final hiding place-bunker for man as the androgynous power tides must ebb and flow of necessities bidding or what D.H. Lawrence called the quick, or, what Star Wars fans are accustomed to: The Force.

But the necessary fem-nazi lime sun light power binge went too far. The virgin sun star, in (on-off-on...) question, of the Occidental Western World, doomed-duned-dumed from its cancerous-rotting-abortivica power binge incipiented lesbian asexual birth (the binge caused by a total refusal of some fem-nails to let go of their age long role or a total failure by the light straddlers-walkers to publicly recognize there exist two types of females: shadow walkers and light walkers; or, men can dream-muse-fantasize - androgynous light-shadow walkers-straddlers) due to the male power-void-vacuum that the bullet, that, passed, through, Hitler's skull created : creating a potent - this - toxic aftermath-ol-initial taste of the never before seen Great Vulnerability of the purpose of aggressive outward-objective violence-instincts and the questionable end of manliness, as the ages knew it, which severely tired fatigued destructificated itself waging WWII - and the ceaseless feminine power lusting eye gaped agape mannishly subjective as men were locked out of the feminine subjective realm dominance...permanently?

The subjective male lime Apollonian light, stemming from deeply rutted established gender roles, spanning most Occidental-Western Ages, ended, beginning with the childish feminists mounting the helm of their total runaway man-control subjective complex, which is understandable, launching the full frontal assault retreat of man and traditional subjective manliness as people, buildings, machines, licked their wounds post WWII destructification: all in dire need of a bright Apollonian child-youthfull-mother sun star shining warm pure true pure heartfelt dualistic sympathy healing solve blood-testosterone-coolant and hence the birth of the hyper-machic slow sand driftic virgin feminine Apollonian sun star which today fumes and blazes and syphon suck-vents the men under the sea to death-death-death... evaporating the Na+ Cl- toxic polluted pornographic lustfull mud sun lit light body surface oceans at incredible rates as the men in the moon lose water sway and as the general vaginal beat of Western Women or, fem-nails,  is absolute zero reptilian cold and flooded wet. That of the penis and men is limp castrated and bone dry dead warm. And only Skoll, the brave sun chasing androgynous Norse wolf myth, refused to howl at the moon, in fear that all men would be subjectively-destroyed-buried sufferers under excessively binge-full brutal total absolute feminine control or destined to live on a mega-totally homo-man-sexualized lunar moon, mirroring-complimenting the lesbian sun star (or a planetary civilization closure protocol), and so chased the howling absolute zero cold flooded flood wet sun with dry warm paws and smiles to make sure it did not enter a terminal velocity lesbian rain orgasm circuit sending it into awol orbit: the total refusing to assist in the androgynous subjectivity psyche building process of earthen creatures bearing penises.

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