Monday, May 16, 2011

News: Mad Green Terrorist Shoots Himself Through Head to Avoid Capture After Monkey Wrench Gang Bombing

Gregor Ryan "Parks on" Fire, a self professed neurotic green terrorist and imaginary member of the monkey wrench game, wrote in a suicide letter, that he "went off the deep end" when he had a clear as day poignant REM sleep that the petty fascists steer fronting America attempted to shatter poison toxify destroy his life momentum inertia and thoughts through the ability to control a sleeping dream or rather created a completely unnecessary lucid intentionally pettily fascist downer nightmare.  This realization experience tri-frekulated angered berserked erraticized him to the extent that he quit his job and took his life savings and moved to a suburb of The Fattest Apple Ever, The Citi-Dell, The Dark City, or hideously for the grotesque mindless layman, New York or blankly for the loser: The City.  Shortly after the move, Gregor using his precision bomb making skills developed a mission to destroy the power grid of the Citadel and causing a sever crisis of a brown out for what he declared: "a good long while.  Long enough for the zombies to take to the streets, forget their fascist television caused mind control instilled humanity and start eating each other like the petty fascist cannibals they are for their own survival and to shut down the stock market, monetary systems, and create a shock wave mega enough to disrupt world trade for a good long while - hopefully a long enough while to cause a collapse of globalized capitalism market system."

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