Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mystic-cuss Joy-uh-way Anihilitic-cuz


Tyr's essence ether-good edge

Dreathdicnal Crys-tears-glad-grim(n)s-shine-dag-nir offered/\presented AT-AT Gates of Valaskjalf-holla,
Following essence ether blaze sapient salient incipient coalescence coalescence-TRY-dented by Tha Falla.
Fallen Falling Fell-en-Heled Felled Frowning Scarecrow - To: one-hand-less Tyr,
Involved in mega massive heavy duty - The Binding of Fenrir.!.
Odin's Ravens [Huginn>-<Muninn] to Frowning Scare Crow dared not draw nigh
T[o]o cast glance at fabrication of weaponrir - to[o] spy
Nor did The Terrible One cast the terrible all glaring eye
Fore L[oo]ki out Loki white out whited out Bifrost tri-color bridge .!. on the sly .!.
Hephaestus crafted: Yggdrasil Twig Mead laced metal - dwarFvyan alloys - and silver
While Tonguing desa-con-see-cration - quick-Skoll dead sunned tooth -silver
Wolf howls of piercing-stride-dent pitch
Ethereal Machine Sky torn assunder - incipient Bluedrift Fallen Sky Mantel Helmn--->
Mega-Over-Whelming goodness, good-good-uber-hyphic-over-rich [XP]
Mego-Majestical bowing bow bow-ed: Down ---
Desa-con-secrationativic mind injected force - n(aught)ot gift
Nirvanic good, o'cyanic liquid ice good essence
O' od good od od-i(eye)-ty desert pet-rif-ied sand dune driftic pure r-ane
Spawn-ed, ED(O)GE, bi-(Frostic Giant)-mega-nova-can-us howl pierce
Pro-vide-ence and mercy - noble, honorable, directivic Tyr: har-binger of good essence tears good
Incipient edge: Dread-thic-nowl Cry-tear-grim-dag-nir - Good Bluedrift infused, drakonic, severe, fierce

Tyr's edge's sheath

Good Edge induced recoil, good essence scrutiny, and wasteland sands good dermuring
Black mosaic earthen sheath from this essence ether glyph fabrication - Dreathdiquenal Cry-tear-grim-dag-nir good essence - receptoric?
Good essence purity scan - directive protocol droid good purificating-vying
Witch Gaea Goddess Whore - swallows essence ether glyph sheath, good fabricated essence - receptoric triflictalatic
Evergreens fall falling fallen in toxic bower
Dreadnal essence radio-ating active now - de-actived dimmed dulled erased good power
Godeath beeth Deadeth, whateth needeth hatheth thiseth soileth ofeth sucheth goodeth flower
Cancerous Terran heart dropped into Witches stomach brew mix - mire
Oozing red junk blood, directive protocol droid crafted, from Forsaken Frowning Scare Crow sire
In mind: abortive depth charges, fire cracker sparkler-lings, and magic burning growing snakes
Frowning Scare crow dashes 3-D quatum mechanical desert wastland cape blind-sending good essence of which essence eye partakes
Good Trith(truth) and good Bitty(beauty), are noth my kindred - alien hypnotic tools - fraudulant words and photons are heart of the matter
On sheathing fabricated good essence: 'what need have I of idol' - twilight, midnight, good night good alcohol idol-ol - idle matter chatter?

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