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Nastasya Filippovna Complex - The Idiot - Dostoevsky - Petty American Fascism

Goethe believed humanity would win out ultimately which is the topic of this post.   First off all women are not all completely to blame.  Aglaia Ivanovna Epanchin the naive girl with charms and graces, who deserved the warm quaint tenderness of Prince Myshkin, who in a pivotal moment, baulked to an extent that shattered Aglaia's heart by being seduced by the dark troubled soul of Nastasya Filippovna.  This allegory or symbolic tale displays the offset of the balance of love, or to put it in a cornball manner, the excessive abortive corruption of cupid to the extent that the entire social stratus of civilization is turned into what appears a frightening downward destructive spiralic trajectory.
 Myshkin after his baulk in crisis is abandoned by Aglaia for her tender heart could not endure the rejection after she had given the Prince the hedgehog and everything.  He then asks Nastasya the dark troubled potentially evil soul -I say only potentially here because there was good in her because she yearned to die by the dagger of Rogozhin - for her hand or horse whip in marriage.  This union of course was destined to fail and did so almost immediately as Rogozhin, a shadowy blood thirsty potential hero of retribution and signifying a dreadthical serious thrust towards the correction of the fractured social structure, perhaps partially personifying Dostoevsky's thoughts of reform and good blood yielding severe vengeance, killed Nastasya after she took his dagger in marriage following the idiotic decision of the naive Prince Myshkin in which of course he was thrown to the wolves by the troubled troubled soul of a girl, Nastasya, who was raped and locked away by a profligate guardian at an early age.
Aglaia after her heartbreak was tainted by the dark troubled soul of Nastasya and her yearnings for Myshkin and thus precipitated down that road still in the thoroughs of naivety.  She was doomed at this point and did not have a chance and fell under the spell of deceit and corruption 100 fold over than what "the idiot" Myshkin accidentally perpetrated.  So Aglaia's charms, graces, youth, innocence were destined for destruction and had no chance to survive in the world of a fractured social structure in which the abortivic cupid has no arrows and his decision was to throw lemons instead.  Myshkin of course went under or back to the insane asylum permanently much like Nietzsche at the end of his life and Nastasya was murdered by Rogozhin.  Myshkin of course is not entirely to blame as he was a christ-like figure attempting to rectify the social discord but some force, naivety or a lemon to the head or evil, prevented him from doing so as he should have been destined for Aglaia and attempted to do too much at the very delicate stage that he was in as he had just returned recently to society after years in the insane asylum in Europe.
I did not just write here to summarize and explain The Idiot to all my readers if I have any.  And if not just as well.  I am convinced every thought, every flicker of the neuron registers somewhere.  Not with god, for "God is Dead".  I will initially quote a quote from a blog entitled "The Temple of Ghoul":  

"Can you look around this world and believe in goodness of a god who rules it?! Famine, pestilence, slaughter, disease and death... They rule this world. If a god of love and light ever did exist, he's long since dead. Someone... Something... rules in his place..."
-Prince Prospero-
While the quote is dark and attempts to uncloak evil and the ghoulish hideous grotesque art is abrasive I do believe there is some good there and everybody could use a penis splattered with brains instead of the evil Hollywood lame-ization of the nation and world.  Personally I believe in a machine presence governing the universe like Asimov's creations or the writers of the science fiction series Rendevous with Rama.  Nevertheless, evil does lurk here still today in the form of petty fascism as expressed in the book 1984 by George Orwell and the gay tirade in the book entitled Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia - which is a detailed handbook, as expressed by French intellectual Michel Foucault in the introduction - can be used as such an instruction manual to eliminate all forms of fascism from the body or neurons.
 Petty fascism is perhaps the result of a civilization grown too large, a cancerous civilization because it is such a large hurricane of an abomination due to its lax-excessively harsh laws and polluted freedom - beyond repair? - and general big giant super block headed-ness which perpetrates the same fractured social structure to a worse and more broken extent than in The Idiot with different characters and with the excessively important technological advance of the computer and internet and an evil, which China, a nation with discretion, bans: pornography.  I am not saying China is a perfect nation because of this one point, but what I am saying is that the fractured social structure is only further fractured by this pornographic force here in America.  Pornography and petty fascism equals the automatic permanent death of Aglaia and charms and graces and a cancerous, twisted, abortive Nastasya that is ever growing more hideous and abortive.  And where is Rogozhin these days anyhow?
 Cupid, as Stendhal has written, dares not throw even a lemon here in America today.  And that is perfectly acceptable in my book because what I have experienced of love leads me to believe that it would probably destroy me - mind you it was not due to a female.  The minotaur in the labyrinth however is women's lack of androgynous initiative - they rape and pillage with their miserly silence and cold shoulders and perpetrate barbarous drive by promiscuity at the level of the common man which tears this place into shreds.  Not that permiscuity itself is wrong but the rape and pillage manner in which it is handled is unacceptable.  And what is the cause and who is to blame?  The profligate guardian of Nastasya, the deceiver of Aglaia?  A stupid cupid?  Where and who is the minotaur in the labyrinth?
 Certainly the Jews had an explanation: a fall.  And they continue to fall deeper and deeper into corruption and guilt and shame which is an abomination.  There must be a critical point where corruption and guilt no longer have any relation to one another whatsoever or this place is surely doomed.  Global warming.  Financial meltdown due to diamonds and gold and greed coupled to a grotesque ultra piousness.  Surely the tidal wave of the death of god is evident.  The question remains will all the water be whisked out to sea and never return and will Nietzsche's greatest fear, the closure of the world by a new god or new force or machine overlord who does everything wrong here on earth simply for divine guilt, come true?

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