Sunday, May 1, 2011

Natrual American Spirit Cigarettes - Dances With Wolves - Tokamak Fusion Reactors

 Rigor vitality virility currently reside in the shadows.  But The Program and The Spectacle and Fascism must continue.  Buzz Job Joe, the man with the neck that is red, entered a crow trading post looking to buy ill-legal firecrackers - for the record the not black unlucky matrix cat brend brand type.  Joe, the humpback Injun of the White Buffalo Tribe Sect Trifectic, proprietor of The Chich of the White Wolf Trading Post, carved wooden caricatures into wood harvested from the lands within The Reservation lost located ubicado somewhere amongst the Greatest Grand Grandest Great Plains Ever -called such due to the ether essence of The Fattest Apple or Citadel or Stinky New Rotten Grey Sludge York.
 As the story goes, he began carving Injun Feather Engines into logs that own-ners of smoke shops placed in front of their shops to attract more customers because everyone these days wants the smoking prowess of the Red Natives - and by "Red" I mean the Rock definition of The Red.  Natural American Spirits cigarettes are a front and labeled to be made by the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company which is really a subsidiary of Reynolds Tobacco (Camel, Pall Mall Pell Mell, Capri) which shares ownership roughly 50-50 with Britsh American Tobacco the dis-(ex)-tinguished keeper of the Lucky Strike brand.
The ownership hierarchy structure follows the exact hierarchy structure of the the conquering of the west: Britain, US, Injun.  Of all of the choices out there for smokers to pick from, Natural American Spirit offers the greatest variety of flavors to choose from.  There are roughly 50 different flavors of Natural American Spirits to choose from. Pall Mall boasts 4 or 4 at best.  American Spirits tend to burn slowly.  The research for toxins used to achieve this received more money from the Federal government than is used to fund Cancer, AIDS, Herpes, Alzheimers,  and Malaria combined ten times over.  And mind you this is simply the development used for the slow burning brand of Natural American Spirits.  The other panacea of chemicals to breed love of tobacco smoke is an entirely bigger badder uglier beast.  Simply said, there is nothing "natural" about Natural American Spirit cigarettes.
Everyone loves the movie Dances With Wolves - for the most part.  If you do not, then you have been abducted entirely by the city and the machine and are on the runaway train of capitalism and laugh in the light of sure fiery planetary death that the machine will surely bring global warming or the gray sludge of overpopulation.  Even if global warming is not a threat, there are limited raw materials for power production.  Our civilization is growing at an exponential rate.  I have read an estimate that there are roughly 200 years remaining of coal power power remaining in the ground here.  Fusion Tokamak reactors have been around since the 1960's.  Certainly a Manhattan Project-esque rush job, which is the American way, politicians are always doing their homework at the last second possible despite the fact that trains are always punctual.  But there exists a severe grave critical problem:  the government does not like scientific developmental.  Why one may ask?
The reason civilization does not transition into a streamlined energy sequence is because it would destroy the infrastructure of the oil, coal, and nuclear fission industries with simplification.  The simplicity of the hydrogen engine movement itself would eliminate millions of jobs: mechanics, oil rig workers, super tanker captains.  The powers that be do not have an answer for the shift in economy and refuse to admit it.  So technology advancement is stifled.  Nevertheless, the limitations of energy sources is knocking on the door and the population is doing nothing but growing making a transition ever more destructive and forecasting a greater break down "if" the transition is ever made.  What is to be done with all of these people who lose their jobs due to the hydrogen industry or fusion industry rising?  The US can barely promise, maintain, and take care of its peoples as we speak as health care costs continue to spiral upwards out of control.  And will there be enough energy resources to  make the transition when it comes?  Will we be using bodies like Hitler or the Matrix to burn in ovens to be used as fuel in order to produce enough energy to make hydrogen powered engines?
With this in mind, back to the cigarette break.   In an Abortive Health Mongering Society as ours, that has no control from the top of the pyramidal all seeing eye, there is absolutely no reason why cigarettes should be affordable for the common man.  Cigarettes should cost $50 dollars a pack and should rival and overcome the price delicacy of cocaine.  The Crow, Apache, Mohicans, Nez Perce, and their leader Uncle Chief Seattle, a distant descendent of Sitting Bull - the father of Joe the Humpback Indian - are drunk off their Injun asses and swimming in pure fresh gold produced in their casino greed randomizing mind spinning hypnotizing factories.
 Joe the White Buffalo Hunter after retiring his rifle with a melted barrel and broken ear drums due to the buffalo slaughter he infamously famously partook in began growing tobacco secretively on his land near Valley Forge - secretively because it was illegal due to the reign of cigarette companies like R.J. Reynolds.  Joe was an Indian Giver.  Every fool that stumbled into his shop who wanted to buy "real natural" cigarettes at .25$ per pack - and by "real natural" I mean wild strains of non-addictive tobacco that were used as a curative and a portal into the spiritual world - were taken on a short tour around the grounds to observe the totem poles that Joe White Buffalo had carved.  As they looked at the totem poles and noticed the scalps atop of them and stupidly asked what they were, Joe WHite Buffalo gleamed his knife and scalped the reject bastards European mutts.  When Buzz Job Joe with the neck that was red entered the Joe White Buffalo's establishment he did not ask about the scalps atop the totem poles and his life was spared.

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