Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Poem of the Day: Blue Blazing Trail

Blue Blazing Trail

Incipient woodland tread
Blue Blazing trail ahead
Hands in pockets, novice I felt
A gambit?; sniffing what was dealt
Cognizant of thoughts while passing there
Before contact - breaking limb - aware
Of recoil poke - a contact of reply?
And musing of a nature hero drew nigh
What passed through his mind before a fall
Damaged shoulder I do recall
Radioactive gas mask face
Machine presence - of nature - not a trace
Plastics and cellophane
My self: pro-claim-faned
Desecrated before this dryad keep
And slip-fall too did I in a heap
Was this a harmonizing of worlds?
Subjective Objective coalescence, in me, unfurled
Autopilot fatalistic fate-tic dis-bee-leafing free will
Down side of ragged jagged cliff nearly did I spill
The scenic label on the path and lullabying machine
Caught me unawares, out of touch, and not too keen
And wind did blow through evergreen bow above
Tinged with dinosaur fossil and acid particle love
A clearing of the mind from concrete platform woes
Leafy bower, skeleton bows, black cool extensions - white blazing tips
A dryad facing me with nature formic acid lips
Wild fire, conflagration, holocaust incipient

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