Friday, May 13, 2011

Poem of the Day - Nihlistical Crys Stallerical Smiles

Nihlistical Crys Stallerical Smiles

Full blast anytime-ical auto-fate-ic-matic nihilistical
Glitch shard atlas shock shell barrel cannons do not existal
Dear wun-al
Without positronic batteries interspersions
Sunshiny dread smiles-ice-cals coos laughs
Just ask an A-10 Thunderboltal – war smiles
There is no such thing as electronics
Rather negatronics
Negatronics require pro-+-trons
Pardon the tenuousness of symbolics letters words
Spectacall-ing and matter atoms farticals
For that matter my soul dance prance treader
Dark dreary grim baroque broke brokenness
Toss infinity a kiss
Gladgrimshine realm dread crescent dead bone moon dust
Smiles to U
U is two biological spirit inspired by soul
Pipeline carriers
The symbol U
…THAT is.
Connectical by netherical ether and
Quantum mechanical photonical light of U
[U b Brahma Programmatic..all-so]
(My transparent slippered Cinderal)
Enterething my irises retinas neuronicals
Wheneth U-ith R-ith inith myith

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