Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Poems Inspiring Poems and The Deadly -="Psychological"=- War of the Sexes

The Bio-toxic Genthen Terran
Gasmask device over flesh face mask, chemical breathing
god protocol of terran Frowning-scare-crow, marooned in
Gaea Goddess Witch Whore nast nest.
At dark star abstraction, he sheds his murderous nihilistic
ways for Pleasant Gethen clothes, and sings out "I'm sorry, I'm sorry"
to mocking Dreadnaught villagers.
Those putty flip heads. Then phases back into solitude and
Nihilistic nothing musings, eyed behind 3-d veil by the all seeing eyes,
the moors his toxic tonic word brendatic opiate.  Death flashic
inspirerazeic device ready and pink ashen dreadthical bringer wand
quietly charming at his side, machine treaded acid rain grass,
Gaea Which Whore brew and bone, till fatigue and sleep consume,
due to empty trap, fate-ic machinic chemical breathing god

Blossoms stilled, I glance at feathered skull death alter at bedside
Etching solitary mental scars in my spine with smiles.
Nothing: my sol-ice, my nightmare cape maker mach-er, my camouflager
of fraudulent heart.

By: Draco Ruffinius Frowning-Scarecrow

Inspired by:

The Reptile

red wine and reptiles, the cold blooded curse
of a girl in the film. at dusk, she’d shed her dress
and skin for scales, touch teeth to throats of trembling villagers.
those suckers. then slither back into corset and gown, ever unsuspected,
the moors her morgue. imagine, a heart with three chambers
to beat for. kiss the dead goodbye in heath and purple heather,
the coarse green grass, bog hair and bones, till she burns herself out
in her fervent search for heat, till the sage priest declares that final peace.
our bloodlust dulled, we slipped between the sheets.
slept and etched on spines with fingers
the true horror in each other’s hearts.

By Anne Baldo

Mecksahginistic be e(y)e I I I.E

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