Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Post-Post-Post-Project Bluebook Government Disclosure: Grey Alien Hybrid Trials

 Afe Q. Zenthou

During its lime lit prime Project Blue Book was the Air Force investigative unit for UFO and alien phenomenon of first, second, and third kinds.  During the tempestuous rigorous years of eerie doubt and uncertainty members of the FBI associated with Project Blue Book made an arbitrary gesture and kidnapped a run of the mill politician from Portland, Oregon then working on an obscure project in the US nation's capital: Washington DC.  Apparently Afe Q. Zenthou had attracted some attention from Project Blue Book members after working for the USA Government for five years and never once using the bathroom key while at work during that time stretch.  Mr. A. Q. Zenthou is currently under Federal Public investigation and suspected of being a grey hybrid.

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