Friday, May 13, 2011

The Greed-a-soar and Suicidal Capitalism

I happened chanced incipiented upon an article in the Rivence Haven Dale or Haven or New Haven Advocate while walking the streets of Ansonia freshly egressing from Antonios.  The green pessimistic petrified dirty petty fascism afflicted optimist journalista quoted a Marxist cultural theorist/political philosopher name Slavoj Zizek by the name of "Cin"tra.  She wrote-spoke of the sins of individual citizens caused by government moralization and hypocritical jargon aimed to beseech all good patriotic citizens to wage total war against hyper-machic total excessive greed.  The sin is not that people actually need to be reminded.  Nor is it that most people want to fight greed but do not know how.  The sin is, mentioned towards the beginning of the article, the illusion of a gold inspired rich inner life that demands a false distance (petty fascism - this is a democracy) which is the root instigator of the separation of our worthy-considerate inner selves, that thirst to fight petrified dirt greed but are impotent, from our outer F-bomb selfish-inconsiderate American outer-selves or pessimism or suicidal capitalism.
 Thus the government inflicted preaching of morals is buried in the psyche of the people hiding in the fragile core of the sensitive inner self, which the petrified dirt greed polluted air on the surface destroys in less than a microsecond if it, the worthy-sensitive inner self, percolates to the surface like an overdose of Agent Orange in the jungle, and the sin, is designated by the powers that be when the sensitive worthy-considerate inner selves hides and is evasive.  This is a recipe for already rampant suicidal capitalism and disaster. A new lizard was seen today in Ansonia when I grabbed The Advo-cate from the toxic silicon bin; it was a rare petrified-rot-bellied-griffin-greed-o-soar.  I have always been fond of dinosaurs and did not realize that this particular kind was trampling the country to death in such a way until I read this article.  What is to become of  pessimistic flesh and bone blood dry bodies cooked by infinite sin?
And one last anecdotal comment.  Apparently cashiers somewhere in the country are no longer able to handle an open till due to the threat of robbery or what Cintra designates as a pornographic lack of conscience pang, or, once again, petty fascism; becoming pettier.  She then goes on to talk-write about advanced underground covert government weaponry systems that are polluting the public psyche for devious mind control ends.  To be honest I cannot determine who is polluting who these days, the government polluting us or us polluting the government.  There is so much toxicity, petrified dirt air doped-laced with agent orange, floating around that the pollution solution is simple:  more pollution and more Greed-o-soar sightings.
Greed Hubris where art thou or are you a greedy miser too stashing cashing in and bribed to detain Nemesis's fury? And if not greed or disastrous, cancerous, mishandled, power ebb-binging then when is the astronaut isolated in outer space on the space station going to return to the soil, covered by concrete rubber coated metal, plutonium doped smog and acid rain anti-freezed shrouding the decaying shard platform machine city, and rid the psyche of the agent orange petrified filth dust dirt toxin which could very well be the warning death whisper spoken cooed by the dinosaurs' bone dust spirit essence ether-spice-force-psi ghosts in the air of their spectacular-soar legendary extinction by means of an asteroid or comet collisions - or so theory hypothesizes - there was probably much more to it psychologically and spiritually but we can only wonder and try to talk-sense-com with their bone dust fossil fuel particle ghost essences spirits while we breath the air their dead bio-matter laces dopes pollutes.

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