Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Theory of the Middle Ages - Jesus - Possible Abortivical Aftermath

 The Roman Cat-o-holic Chich drowning drowned dead rained flooded in Whole-lie-oy-ill one day decided it hated the machine and wanted to be a pleasant little zoo for extraterrestrials thousands of years down the line.  In other words Jesus, the "trouble makers" aftermath or nuclear quantum mechanical ether fallout.  I want to go to the stars however and want to play Star Wars with the big intergalactic guns like any good sci-fic reader so damn Jesus to Hel [SIC] for being born before the super computers, cloaked bandit raptors, and artificial trees and water and wanting to make a little dreadful macabre lugubrious intergalactic zoological inferiority complex unto extinction planetoa. He really ment oh...

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