Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Universal Health Care Crisis: A Perspective

 All sides of the Political Tri-Spectrum Blue Left, Red Right, and Green Quasi-Technic-Left, debate aggressively in such a demure urbane or genthen - humanfemticae - method that vital energies are internalized in potentially abortive ways.  What is needed is a little honesty and a new perspective, believe it, inspired by the social programs of The PRC or Peoples Republic of China which is a rough westernized translation of the pinyin characters signifying the realm literally translated "center state". What I believe to be the current Mega Power of the world -center state - China, though it still be in the process of gestation, potentially has much to teach US here in The USA or SA, States of America - notably that an atheist run state is viable, a one party state is viable, strict government controls on the contents of its citizens psyche (i.e. their academic system is preserved and history and other disciplines respected by banning the material from the public domain because in all reality it is not of public concern to know history to that extent as well as a ban on negative and excessive political bantering which is never a sign of health for a country - to name a few) , and a cutting edge total ban on any and all types of sexual pornography - displayed canvassed trampled rampantly here in the minds of Americans free of charge, creating massive social problems, displaced vital energies, distress, and the sickening abominable unsustainable rift-contra-anti-contra-diction of an ultra pious Nast WASP Nest and the Gross Sin Hole Vent that be Las Vegas. 
In my opinion both WASP and Sin spirit energy resources have dried up ended -beyond good and evil - but must need end above the surface... NOW!!!... Or?!?!?... and Vegas "Culture" needs to be cleaned up, fully overhauled, factorized and distributed throughout The American States starting with the elimination of the concept of "sin" - and the acceptance that we live in a sexually castrated nation; which is another severe issue and outside the scope of this blogg post - the acceptance of social-androgynous-sexual-coquette-class-etiquette-decorum grooming system so peoples must not need escape to Vegas to "sin" and there escape the confines-psychological stress walls of petty fascism, mega effective protective anti-insemination safe sex programs taught at ever earlier ages until a solid pragmatic viable age is reached and a general openly sexual thrust push throughout the country aimed to eliminate the sexual castration of the nation including a welcome to all Sex Paraphernalia Stores and a dismissal of all complaints dealing with sin and the assumed absolute anytime shy innocence of children which only propagates the dabacle currently in full force.
 The core of the Universal Health Care Debate-Knot-Debacle-Crisis-Severe Stress Point is this:  the Socialistic Blue believes all Sates of America, SA, Citizens - and otherwise, which should be directivicated - should have access to health care - and not only that, it should be directed, that mega-massive waves of doctor teams and nurses and health aids and medicine and surgery crews should be exported to needy countries-realms-localities-nodes. There is however a severe crisis-cal crime in this; may it be short sightedness, power binging, what have you:  the total runaway capitalistic market train machine is not streamlined-configured to support this kind of health initiative without a massive overhaul of the globalized socio-capitalistic market machine operational protocol which potentially could overpopulate the earth at a massive rate, grow so mega runaway fast and become so unstable that the globalized market will crash precipitate in a bad or fatal way, or simply require so much machinery that global warming could exterminate us, or, most importantly, so much energy would be expended in carbon fuel powered unnecessary redundant cancerous growth and the population grown so large that increasingly massive fractures and instabilities would occur when the time comes to make the transition to a hydrogen, nuclear, fusion, solar-wind powered machine-economy. 
 The Capitalistic Red is aware of this population control issue and humanely declares medical care freedom must be earned.  This day however is over, as the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Age is dawning and upon us.  Freedom must be earned.  Freedom is not free.  And the Red Right plays a critical indispensable role in maintaining the balance of cancer-izing the total runaway capitalist machine with dangerous optimum public health and population explosions for the reasons mentioned above.  In addition, the USA should implement population controls, akin once again to China, as should the rest of the globalized capitalistic market world where necessary.  Personally I believe: 1 child is viable per societal cell unit, 2 children a maximum per societal cell unit, and if parents-siblings-families-neighborhoods-tribes want any more children then urged-forced to the adoption agency they will be. 

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