Tuesday, May 10, 2011

USA Dystopia: Year 2201

 The US population has reached 1 billion and going "super big grand" strong.  Technology has advanced very little since 2000 as the tar sands in the mid west are just beginning to be tapped into.  Desalinization plants are rampant as traditional drinking water is obviously not enough to support the population.  Acid rain is rampant and children are not allowed to go outside and play in the rain.  Global warming was a myth but smog chokes the sky and the lungs of all citizens as it is required to wear gas masks in the major cities when outside.  Hydrogen fuel cell cars have still not been implemented due to the inability of the government to sacrifice people and cut back majorly on jobs creating rampant poverty and unemployment.  The general population mood is grim and everyone is scared of being scorched by acid rain but even more scared of losing their jobs and refusing to sacrifice themselves or their jobs for the sake of the advancement of technology and the health of the ecosystem.  Science funding has decreased to a standstill and the discipline is only taught in order to train repair engineers to maintain current technology.  There is no space program.  There is nowhere in the USA where one is able to go outside on a clear night and see one star.
The moon frowns through a lurid pollution haze.  The US refused to initiate population controls through abortion because Christianity is still rampant but refuses to produce ample medicine to cure venereal diseases because it does not have enough production factories although all are now curable including AIDS and cancer.  This is the secret government method to control population.  Nobody in the country has heard of a war or and armed conflict outside of the country and the Mexican drug lords and their cartels run rampantly throughout the country.  Tanks are occasionally seen destroyed on the roadside by bombs produced in Mexico.  The general atmosphere of the people in those areas is extreme poverty and terror when they are not doped up on cocaine or heroine which is dirt cheap surprisingly enough as nobody believes there is ample space to grow crops in the world.  People eat cat and dog meat from animal shelters, the staple of the newest grand new industry, regularly bought in the convenience stores because the cow farming industry cannot support the current population.  People cling to their TVs at night and watch bible verses spoken about the apocalypse.  Politicians do not really believe in such matters but use them as a device to spread panic and terror promoting good work ethic. Super big grand guns will forever protect.  Infinite freedom for all!!!

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