Monday, June 13, 2011

The Closure of the Fem-Nail Question...for now...

 Women Protocol Machine Guerilla Wars

Women run are the protocol directors of the planet earth.  Men retreat from public holdings from boredom, a yawn, effeminateness, let them have it.  Women run the machine with feminine subjective intelligence, whatver, that is, trying to have everyone get along as one big happy village yet fail to be able to recognize their nihilistic mannerisms.

Meanwhile, a secret alliance of men, tried of being war castrated and shoved into mellow prosaic shock syndrome by fem-nails, declare war on the women protocol machine and have psychological bandit guerilla wars with them as a test of their will to see what the fem-nails are made of in regards to the new wave androgynous pulse of subjective intelligence, and whether, they, the females, are able to maintain themselves.  A funny funny scenario to be played out as well as the effeminate spineless men caught in the androgyn undertow rip tide who decide to stay and fight with and for the women.

Let the resistance live!!!

I once was entering a Borders book store and tried to enter a door and a woman laughed haughtely at me with an air of superiority as I tried to enter past her instead of doing what she thought should have been done, what she deserved and merited simply for being female.  I did not hold the door open for her as she squeamishly squawked past.  I have absolutely no reason whatsoever to have any bit of respect for women "these days".  I think the era of the gentleman is over, and have nothing in my life that would inspire or cause me to have any repsect for a female whatsoever.  Until death, may they rot on a stake or become incarnated with androgynous subjective intelligence or bow down to man once again and forever hold their peace.

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