Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Death of the Gentlemen

Poetic Try-sing of the day:

GladgrimShine Genthen Cig Foo-nigh (funny; also foo or "alien" near)

Incipient Anyway, the one head-less chicken
At it's side dangling spin-(all) column

A Genuine Gentleman from the Roman Cat-a-holic Chich
Or whole-lie oy-ill sniffer bone nose head
Gladshinegrim Genthen approached and watched orange junker smog
Pouring out of genuine gentlemen's head ether vent
'(All)-right, (all)-right,' he spoketh to Genthen 'Who are you?'
Genthen spaketh unto thu sir, 'I am not who, Who are you!'
'What?' he replied
'Yes!,' Genthen answered
'What?' Again he questionethed the Gladgrimshine Genthen
'What am I!,' Genthen directed and spaketh
'Who are you? You have issue with the Roman Cat-a-holic-Chich ' he drilled again
"Be careful of the spin-(all) column your foot be rested on down below - (all)-center, right?"

As The GladgrimShine Genthen de-pauted he ashed the spin-(all) bar with his inspire cig
upon which the Genuine Gentleman's foot was a-rest
And offered the Gen-u-wine Gentle-man a Foo-nigh Cigar

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