Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Note on Philosophy

My philosophy is if you are not wise enough to develop and live and write your own then become a warrior and allow one to choose you and fight to the death for it.  I fell into Nietzsche full beaming bright like running into a star hard in high school and never looked back and I have followed his trail into Emerson, Thoreau, Foucault, Deleuze and Guattari, Artaud, Dostoevsky, Lautreamont, Bataille, Goethe.  There are certainly more.  If you are an atheist you need to know there is more to life than disparaging Christians and nihilizing the world and hating the nausea of humanity.  You also need a backbone and that is not found through trite internet sites and television sporting events and overdosing on beer in side shows where most people find themselves when they are not doing their slaves duty for the state.  It would be so easy for people to think differently about things but they loose themselves in alarm clock cycles and the rigors of mind erasing routines for the sake of the machine.  And they think nothing of picking up a book in an attempt to take life seriously, there is no time.  And besides, most people would rather forget themselves anyway.  And if they do, it is for an escape, a nihilistic death wish or for a skewed twisted sequence of divine reason and truth probably lead by the Pope or the Dhali Llama or involves flicking around the concept of money like a golden nugget on their tongue.  People dream of gold and notoriety and petty fame these days and nobody hears about anything more than that.  Or if some innocent child or innocent bystander is gunned down the whole world's populace sheds a piteous tear like death was the devil and that nobody can stand the sight of its wretched face.  Perilous promontories and jagged rocky cliffs.  Nobody thinks twice about the cow in a steakhouse.  When you live on a planet of eight billion creatures the same rules should apply.   Newspapers fly off the stand as a public has nowhere to look for a good word as their minds rot in a media pollution storm.  Academic's lose themselves in rooms where moths fly frantically from the pages of books as they plate the hardware of the machine state. The land of ballistic missiles, ultra hi-tech stealth, all for the sake of an empire of guns, burning oil, polluting the planet and tempting a scorching from our solar body of radiance.  Look to Nietzsche.  He wrote a book entitled The Anti-Christ and is that very thing - Ecce Anti-Christ Homo.  He is still a likely candidate to break history into pieces like Christ did 2000 years prior.  And then look to his heritage and then let it guide you.  Then tear it to shreds and loose it entirely.  And then maybe someday along the road when you have lost yourself completely, you will find that these words become part of you, whisper through your bones and heart. I warn you, I am troubled.

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