Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dreadnaught Chant

Nirvanic rapier dances
Snake charms and fang tickles
Enchantment glow
Lit light the fire

Compact compacting compacted
Like a bloom blossom aster star child
Voidic lightning flashes
Across the xeric land
All falls upon deaf ears and minds

Coils and recoils
The beast looms broods still
Smoke tendrils gently sinuously rising
From nostril vents
Citadel towers meet sunlight

Ornately encumbered
Fireflys and x-mas trinket glow dots
Branches limbs licking power wires
Pumpkin faces
Dark fiery beam traces

Were you expecting an answer
A beauty trill ride
Let me drill hard
To the core of the sun
Therein where I reside

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