Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Family Guy Episode

Family Guy (FG) is sitting watching TV.  He begins to start watching a cartoonists create him with computers and that show him being made into a star and sees what a real human is and what a popular guy he has become.  He then starts to look around the room paranoid that he is someones creation.  Then he makes his stupid laugh and waves in his stupid laugh like the bellowing idiot that he is and then like a flash runs behind the couch and hides screaming in a high pitched nut-less voice.  The creator then tells FG that he is not in control of the cartooning and that he thinks that the FG highjacked his mind and took over his life.  FG then steps up like the king that he is, pulls a whopper from Burger King from his pocket, and begins to give a speech.  Static on the tv ensues, and static begins to creeps up the family guys arm from the tv eating him so to speak and then all returns to normal and the FG and the cartoonists assure one another that they are fine.  Then the family guy promptly starts ordering the cartoonists around to make him a beautiful super model for a wife.  The cartoonists refuses to do so as to not let his project and life of funnies get out of control.  The FG then furious looks around and picks up a fuzzing piece of static that had fallen onto the floor and throws it at the television hitting the cartoonist.  The cartoon screen is then replaced by a 3-d real image with a person having a spot of static upon their head or brain eating its way into his conscious mind in a battle of the survival.  He then looks at his pen looks at his paper and forgets for a  moment how to draw and cannot believe that his mind works like it does and how creative he is.  How did his mind get so free, so abducted into cartoon and funny land, a field of a million laughs, so pleasant rotten wallowing in mind-less humor yet drunkenness, absurdity, and endless stupidity are a palliative for...seriousness...responsibility???  The cartoonists more than a little affronted for allowing his creations to control him or at least for him to have self doubt wonders why he would even have control issues like he is having.  Obviously an anarchist of cable/satelite tv, he doesn't realize that the FG has ample ether and cartoon energy to create factories and spread to the internet and cyborg land where he might belong if artificial intelligence could give life to this cartoon.  But for the time being this cartoon has spread to my mind and infected it and now the FG too is trying to take over my mind and the world.  All that I can say is that I am on autopilot and my fingers type like a worker robot of gods.  I mean the cartoonists cannot be too interesting because all people in the world would do nothing more than watch FG.  But, Stewie is his will to power, and, in reality is an absolute failure, yet still wants to take over the world.  I will say this:  for several hours every night on national television and world television stewie does take over the world and does hypnotize a large amount of people by watching his shananagins.  This is an example of the soul biting into the now and the creative process is the release of spirit and the creation of another realm.  All we humans zombies do is stare into created realms by those who are creative and lose ourselves there.

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