Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Glow Bugs

Blue Giant stars are no longer talked about on earth.  A very spiritual group that called themselves The Celestials worshiped The Pleiades Cluster in their exotic blue glassed temples.  One day all of the temple maidens were found dead with blue star ooze dripping out of their eyes.  This was quite a shock to the masses who had the channels on their neuron up-links set to The Celestial's broadcast.  After the temple maidens were found dead, other reports from around the world revealed isolated, solitary people tapped into The Celestial worship neuron up-link bandwidth - which was a soothing icy embrace grace - dead with blue star ooze flowing from their eyes.  Following the incident, in which at least 10 million people died, the worship of the Pleiades was terminated on Earth.

Several years following the incident, a young, tender girl, unsure exactly why the blue giant star massacre had occurred when she overheard adults talking germanely, followed a happy glow bug into the woods.  Around a shadow of foliage the happy glow bug joined six other glow bugs and hovered floated in the formation of the Pleiades Cluster.  The young girl began to tear, dropped to her knees before the glow bugs, whispering to cooing the earth.

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