Sunday, May 19, 2013

Have a Nice Day

The crow sits upon a piney fir looking over the expanse of a sea of flesh below.  I tire of whores.  Maldoror get in there and murder someone please, it will ease my ailing mind.  The dackdactic poet wrote on and on.  Pages flew furiously in the tempest as the end of history drew nigh.  The accursed, unsuspecting world was drawn comfortably into the hypnotic delusion raging onwards and upwards like a satiated, varicose stomach constantly fed the excrement of television benedictions.  The world doesn't exist anymore due to technological distortions.  Nothing you have heard of is worth anything and everything you have not heard of is probably the same or incomprehensible or pigshit.  Nuclear warheads primed to launch.  Maybe the innocence and magic of a child will stay you for a while.  Please!  Allow me to run the little gem over with a tank.  Did you hear the sound of the skull popping as the treads rolled on?  The expanse of the universe yawns at this fury and the sun chuckles.  Dream a dreamy dream to woo the void and beseech it to tell you secrets.  You are a chosen one.  The stars smile upon you.  Let them disappoint you afterwards in cruel jest and nasty dissipation.  Never look at the stars.  They are liars.  Take me to the edges of the earth and permit me to forget from where I come.  How futile, me thinks, as the ether sludge from the citadel dumps toxic waste into eagerly awaiting minds.  Have a nice day.

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