Sunday, May 19, 2013

Middle Eastern Politics and The Problems of Western Imperial Military Entrenchment

Israel is inhibiting peace in the world by obstinately making a military bunker compound out of it's territory and building tanks and housing nuclear weapons most probably aimed and readied to launch on Iran.  Is mediation the skeleton key to a peaceful Middle East as in now exists?  Probably not when Israel has one of the most expansive armed forces per capita in the world and requires all citizens to undergo military training.  Arms and walls are not the road to peace.  If Israelis were true peace fairing peoples, they would realize it is them who are dynamic enough to stand down, not the entire amalgamation of countries that comprise the Middle East which envelops Israel.  This is a matter of pragmatics.  Abandon and initiate a mass exodus and give the UN sovereignty over the territory as a sacred religious artifact for the entire world in a uniting method as well as disarm the Israeli nuclear warheads and disband the Israeli military - the USA should  follow suit and disband it's entire military as well and build the world instead of patrolling with the most expansive military the planet has yet to see like a hated Imperial police force dumping unheard of fortunes into empty, unsustainable, destructive, empty skirmishes and exorbitantly priced war machines.  Who needs a country anyway these days?  What worthless ambitions.  Better to be a nomadic, peace fairing people than dogged, obstinate bunker builders parading tanks and creating an Achilles heal nerve aborting peace that the rest of the world must suffer and endure.

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