Sunday, May 19, 2013

Soul Rot

A spider crawled beneath a vaulted arch sky high.  He could smell pain and suffering on the horizon.  He continued under the arch and into a vaulted room lit pubescent yellow.  The smell of blood reeked in the air...  Grumblings from giants 16 strong spanning skyward almost as far as sky high were audible.  This did not deter our spider, a toxic bio-hazard accident experiment haunting the halls and vaults filled with pain and suffering.  Our spider was a bone master Level 79 enchanter with venom enough to melt bones because he was the product of a toxic bio-hazard experiment.  The spider was full of patience and cunning and had yet to strike one of the raging, sultry, cold, rot souled giants because he was sure it would cause a stir and that would be the end of him.  So he sat with all of this latent potency stirring within it's sack.  And behold a whiff of soul rot so strong, derangement fielded from some control nexus that no single mind could construct in one image or a lifetime of images because it was so vast and incomprehensible and mindlessly devouring spasmodically in ways that no-one can predict.

And this very unsightliness is caused by the demented nature of growing beyond the bounds in such an unsustainable, unstable way.  And the great squeeze and bending of people into some undefinable thing for the great empty purposes of nothing that anyone can explain, the machine simply started and never stopped, leaving rot marks and pockets of deterioration large scale.  But the spider had not encountered anything of this ghastly sort in giants before but he knew that being treated at the hospital at times brought about overbearing pride and massive delusions of self-importance; the order of rank run amok amongst plebeians themselves a horror affair, joke upon joke.  And then these people become involved with government themselves and because they are plebeians, other plebeians like themselves become involved, and, so it goes, the masses slowly erode the fabric of mankind when there are no powerful forces about, like Caesar, Hitler, Napoleon.

There is plenty of latent energy opposed to such things but locked away in books.  Perhaps nobody who can do anything about it can understand, and anyone who understands can't do anything about it.   But anyhow, these soul rotted giants began their murmurs in utter grim solemn earnestness, dripping excessive pride and megalomania-cal self importance all the while despite being as hushed and reserved as possible about it.  The spider then became enveloped in a waft of soul rot fumes being emitted by the giants 16 strong.  He nearly rolled over and died due to powerful strength of the emission and the redeeming trite love of their creator, they being his roses.  After taking a moment to recover from the surge, the spider feels a burst of mach razor blaze strength and tears across the floor of the vaulted room towards the unsuspecting giants 16 strong.

The spider quickly jumps up the fat plump leg of the vulnerable piteous creature resembling a pig way past overdue for slaughter and sinks his deadly fangs into flesh until blood is tasted and his poison sack emptied in an orgasmic, spasmodic surge of wraith and destruction and doom.  A scream pierces the air.  The giants quickly look at the afflicted one and notice black veins climbing up the bitten leg racing towards the heart and bones.  The spider quickly jumps to another giant in a fervent berserk frenzy craving.  But the adroit giants, now 15 strong, alerted of the spiders' wiles quickly bring and end to our vengeful friend as the afflicted one falls to the floor unable to stand because her bones within the bitten leg had melted.

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