Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Chase

Slow trickle blood
Stains sand red
The fraud walks on
Flash claws and rage
Only to fall
In line
When embraced by the machine

Scream songs resound
Barraging sound bunkers
Crushing ear reticulum
Freedom howls amidst those chained
All busy void mocking
This is the land of wage whore slaves
Writhe under the gravitic heat of lead

The last tree stands in broken bower
Marked by nameless graves
Haunted by cruel, vengeful animal spirits
What there was to hear
Went unheeded
Lost in the mindless tech pandemonium
Machine Gods greedy for worship

Drakum Dage Dim to last tree approaches
A tremor takes possession
Of his body
Black Glock cold still tremblicle in his blue hand
The overwhelming maelstrom bites sinks deep
And with insidious speed reaches his dark heart
A wild hell spawn howl echoes within

With tear strewn face
Drakum Dage Dim flees
Desecrated hallowed grounds
To his auto red
Vendetta wrath seething boiling
Crazy rash spell all consuming
Juggernaut total control

Silver mercury sun orb beams hard
Memory fire of trees float on the air like ash
Black smog pours into the sky
From towers around circumference of horizon
Mellow prosaic shell shocked God fearing folk
Drive on banal oblivious happy
Flash bang! One falls dead
Shattering ripples across the socius

Red blue lights flash in the rear view
Angry sirens fall upon deaf ears
The juggernaut is given chase
By the calloused hands
Of the machine state
Protocol directives
And blind stress fractures

Black helicopters circle
Millions watch the spectacle
From glow box couches
Happy rot perverted minds
Eager to see the scene unfold
The red juggernaut tears down the asphalt
Pursued by the claws of a monster

In desperation Drakum Dage Dim
Screeches to a dusty halt in scrub wasteland
Leaving his red auto behind with Glock in hand
He runs desperately through the boiling sand
A din of rotor blades bites pounds the air
Viewers frown and shake their heads
Drakum Dage Dim stops abruptly and looks to the sky

Sun beams blind Drakum Dage Dim as his retinas burn
Rapier pitches obliterate the scene
He feels the Glock cold heavy still in his blue hand
A wild hell spawn howl breaks into the brightness of day from his breast
Drakum Dage Dim finds himself face to face with God
The black Glock is raised to head
Berserk laughter rains flash bang!

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