Sunday, May 19, 2013

Walled In Pond Woods Circuit

A path lay bare there
Into leafed cover of the woods
Naked earth and moss strewn rocks
Greet nimble feet
Thoughts lose themselves in the verdure
Echoing away on the passing breeze
A thicket of vines used to arch across the trail  
I thought of you one lurid night there
But such splendors shall no more be
While walking there
As rowdy ruffians tore the dear arch asunder
A star hovers above the meadow
Cricket chirps and grasshopper wings
Resound in the open halcyon escape
Tree tendrils hang electrically across the way
Dreams of far away lands pervade
And imaginings of rocky crag
Enchanted bees kiss the nectar
Of ivory petaled flowers
Where two young lovers trysted one twilight
And bolted like coy dear
I scratch the solemn trail marker with my claws
And swipe my shoulder against the wooden beacon
Overgrown avenue of the woods
Antiquated power poles and rusted junk jank car
A reminder of the ephemeral furies left behind
To pass the whiles
Ferns bloom a living grid system
Fractals delighting the senses geometrically
A near silent creak is heard
As a fallen, hollowed tree with sharp protrusions
Blares dread and doom, a wooden horn, to passersby
Littering the needled floor are trees
No longer standing
Dead wood pillars in remembrance
Mark the route as a crow caws
Down the gentle incline of Raptor Trail
Skewed stones lick feet as eager booby traps
A languid croak drifts across the settled pond
In the deepening vernal hours
As the moon has yet to rise
Signaling the toads to court
Birds dash dance revel in flight
Chirping their calls in reverie
Hopping from tree to tree
Above the gravity laden beasts below
Violet aster blooms spot the ground
Never asking for a reason
Up and around the bend
And down past the dilapidated fort
The woods spit me out again

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