Friday, November 8, 2013

Celesta and Love

I think I fell in love with the woman who gave a talk at Yale University - Kathleen Higgins.  Her aplomb was amazing.  Her tone and references charming - her weapon tool wielded firmly, quietly, surely.  She mentioned Gay Science (92) an aphorism concerning the war between prose and poetry, the demure goddess, and Ralph Waldo Emerson, dear to my heart, as well as The Stillest Hour from Zarathustra another one dear. These two mentions were uncanny. In my delusional world of ether blazing, Celest, or now, Celesta, has now been graced by another.  I cannot write more than this now.  Experience is too close in happening and when a dramatically immediate, comically inculcated, lurid lucidity happens to me, one should not be writing when this is occurring.  That is how phantoms are spawned into existence.  And I can never bring back what was said, felt, experienced because it was a kiss from the desiring-machine, or a god who is dead, for those less acquainted, not some perverted, Christian-papal, french deep throating... ..!.. .. _-."::'' {[Syncamuroau...

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