Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Question of the Night, Metaphysical Ontology of Evil, and, The Overman

Have you ever heard of some of the greatest people to live that could not record any of it because they were not writers or what they had written was destroyed and not widely distributed?  I mean what affect do they inflict on the populous by existing.  If one believes in - The Force - someone may have Overman beckoning powers to inflict themselves, essentially programming, the Brahma Programmatic Core quietly, silently by sheer autopilot will. 

 Metaphysical Ontology of Evil

Pay the daemons of the mind important homage fore they have something important to say.  This does not mean pick up an axe and murder someone through the head.  Unless of course the voices tell you to and for some reason or another they seduce you to these deeds.  Desolation and warrior a-hunt moods.  Multifarious murder and dangerous destruction raining down from Hollywood glow screens in epic proportion as the ashes of the mind get soggy in the drizzle of prosaic over-population doldrums of state enforced fascism.  The voices bidding one commit an axe murder is a contingency insertion probe derived from a gravitized pole of force named evil.  That is funny.  My metaphysical ontology involves the metaphysical probe core for evil.

I have been reading an accumulating number of Nietzsche's aphorisms lately and stumbled upon the overman in Zarathustra - The New Idol.  "Where the state ends - look there, my brothers!  Do you not see it, the rainbow and the bridges of the overman?"  I turned away and could not believe something so unexpected and empty of an emotion after all of the reverence I had had from earlier readings flowing through my mind forcing this re-encounter with him who I consider as one of my teachers.   There was so much more to see in actually opening the books.  I was crushed because I did not see...

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