Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dawning Worlds and Fog

I climbed onto a tree bough leaning magnanimously over Walled In Pond.  A reflection of boughs rippled beneath me on the gently shimmering liquid crystal surface, cast silent dark glad grim black, against the reflected grey sky light.  I stood listening to the looming, behemoth, dull static of machines in the distance.  Treading the boardwalk along the pond, a capricious brown bird flew into a still, evergreen fir cooly.  And then another struck, aggressively joyous, cooly sliding into the boughs.  Nothing could possibly have been wrong with that then enchanted fir, and perhaps, everything was wrong with that heart wood fir.  Later, I approached the end of the Raptor Woods Trail, a sign post manifesting glaringly lurid through the fog. It beckoned, signaling the border of dimensions, a portal between worlds.  And I stepped out of the warp channel of the leaf laden path past the psionic gateway reconfigured, everything dawning a-gnu...

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